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Grazing Table Orange County




Our Cheese Tables & Grazing Tables are fully customizable and filled with a variety of artisan cheese and perfectly paired accoutrement... includes (but not limited to) artisan cheese, charcuterie, bread, crackers, nuts, olives, fresh fruit, dried fruit, jam, honey, herbs, and fresh flowers....

We truly strive to make every grazing table we create custom and special to fit the event it is part of. From the food to the florals we will make something that will wow your guests!


The Light Grazing Tables are perfect for an event where light appetizers are needed. 

The Full Grazing Tables are perfect if you are in need of a light meal for your guests.

The Brunch Grazing Tables come in a light option or full option and are perfect for so many brunch time events.

Leftovers boxed for you if requested

Please let us know the style of your event so we can customize!


How to Book:

Call or Email for Flat w/ Layer style, Fully Layered Style, Flat-Lay Style, or Sawhorse Table


Sawhorse Table is also available to book online

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